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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture

Participatory Guarantee System

The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, National Centre of Organic Farming and F.A.O have undertaken a technical co-operation programme for promotion of organic agriculture. One of the important components of this programme was to explore and develop PGS as a means of Organic Guarantee for products produced and consume within India. The first PGS model for India was developed based on existing models around the world. It specially borrowed and built on the strengths of existing successful PGS programs in Brazil, New -Zealand and United States.

PGS India system is based on participation, shared vision, transparency and trust.

PGS India programme provides two types of certificates:

  1. PGS-Green Certificate: Granted to those groups which are running under conversion period.
  2. PGS-Organic Certificate: Granted to those which have successfully completed the conversion period and have achieved the level of organic.

In PGS system local Groups is the main functional unit responsible for all activities, inspections and decision making.

Regional Council: Help local group in capacity building and decision endorsement.
Zonal Council: Purely monitoring surveillance unit with no role in decision making.
PGS Secretariat: The custodian of data, policy making and programme operational unit.

Some important points on PGS Organic:

  • PGS encourages small scale production and processing.
  • Direct farm market drive customers to identify the local organic products and trust their origin and integrity.
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Empower local economy
  • Certification is for whole farm not for single commodity or product.
  • PGS certificates are owned by groups, not individual farm
  • More commitment and responsibility of farmers in certification process.
  • Friendly process, low cost.
  • Capacity Building for small holders.
  • Access to local markets.
  • Organic food is 100% natural, nutritious, better taste and reduce health risks.
  • Farmers work in harmony with nature growing crops in natural way. Using organic agricultural farming methods, that helps sustaining balance of Healthy Eco System.
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