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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture

Agricultural Statistics

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    Agricultural Statistics
    Fibre Crops, 2013-14.xls57 KBswf-image
    Foodgrains, 2013-14.xls26.5 KBswf-image
    Oilseeds, 2013-14.xls277 KBswf-image
    Other Cereals, 2013-14.xls54.5 KBswf-image
    Pulses, 2013-14.xls27 KBswf-image
    Rice, 2013-14.xls23.5 KBswf-image
    Sugarcane, 2013-14.xls34 KBswf-image
    Fibre Crops, 2014-15.xls58.5 KBswf-image
    Foodgrains, 2014-15.xls39.5 KBswf-image
    Oilseeds, 2014-15.xlsx314.22 KBswf-image
    Other Cereals, 2014-15.xlsx32.31 KBswf-image
    Pulses, 2014-15.xlsx19.74 KBswf-image
    Rice, 2014-15.xlsx54.01 KBswf-image
    Sugarcane, 2014-15.xls27.5 KBswf-image
    Fibre Crops, 2015-16.xls65.5 KBswf-image
    Foodgrains, 2015-16.xls31 KBswf-image
    Oilseeds, 2015-16.xls276.5 KBswf-image
    Other Cereals,2015-16.xls55 KBswf-image
    Pulses,2015-16.xls27 KBswf-image
    Rice Paddy 2015-16.xls26 KBswf-image
    Rice, 2015-16.xls26.5 KBswf-image
    Sugarcane,2015-16.xls31.5 KBswf-image
    Area, Production Productivity, 2016-17.pdf356.61 KBswf-image
    District-wise Fertilizer status in Assam as on 02.11.2021 172.51 KBswf-image