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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture


Agricultural Marketing and Trade

Marketing includes various activities involved in taking produces from the point of production to the ultimate users at the time and in the form and quality desired by the end-users. When the produce is taken beyond national borders, it is referred as trade.

As development proceeds, and commercialization, specialization and division of labour increases, marketing and trade become more important and complex. Their role also expands beyond the physical and facilitating functions of transferring the goods from producers to end-users to new roles like

  • linkage between farm and non-farm sectors,
  • price discovery, and
  • transmission of price

Similarly, as the importance of purchased inputs increase in agricultural production, the domain of agricultural marketing is extended to input marketing. The significance of agricultural marketing and trade increase further with liberalization of trade, which expands markets to global level and provides new competition and newer opportunities.

Vegetable stall under Agriculture Marketing Department

  1. Ulubari (2 no’s).
  2. Beltola Bazar (2 no’s).
Weekly wholesale price for 14.07. 2017491.42 KBswf-image
Weekly retail price for 14.07. 2017 374.28 KBswf-image
Agmark laboratory testing process280.68 KBswf-image
Weekly Wholesale and Retail Market Price2.92 MBswf-image