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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture

Organic, Inorganic Fertilizer & Pesticides

Organic fertilizers are derived from living things such as animals and plants. Most common are manures, bone meal, fish meal , vermin compost etc. They are generally slower to release as micro organism in the soil , have to break them down first so the plant can use them. Organic fertilizer supply nutrients  for both plant and soil. Inorganic fertilizers are man made formulae that can be formulated for various speeds of release. Most common are Urea, Single Super Phosphate, and Murate of Potash.  

Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests or weeds. The term pesticide include all the following-

  1. Herbicide
  2. Insecticide
  3. Insect growth regulator
  4. Nematicide
  5. Termiticide
  6. Molluscicide
  7. Piscicide
  8. Avicide
  9. Rodenticide
  10. Predacide
  11. Bactericide
  12. Insect repellent
  13. Antimicrobial fungicide
  14. Disinfectant and
  15. Sanitizer

In general pesticide is a chemical or biological agent that deters, incapacitates, kills or otherwise discourages pests. Both chemical pesticides and bio pesticides are important for crop protection.  Bio pesticides are integral part of organic crop cultivation.