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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture


Soil is a natural resource with which the existence of the human beings is closely associated. Crops require soil s as growing medium. The Soils provide mechanical support, nutrients, water and other growth controlling hormones for plant growth. However, a number of factors affect capacity of roots to absorb nutrients and moisture. To ensure development of an efficient root system, the soil must contain adequate supply of air, water and bulk density. Soils are formed by many complex processes of pedogenic factors, viz. climate, relief, organisms, parent material and time. Since different climatic zones have different characteristics, soils also differ according to these variations. a Hence, different regions have different type of soils in terms of colour, texture, depth, water reserve and nutrient supplying capacity. Since crop production depends on the soil characteristics, it becomes necessary to know about soils .