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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture


Agriculture and all other farm activities are based on some working principles, knowledge of which is necessary for an extension agent. Now what does principle means? A principle is a statement of policy to guide our decision and action in a consistent manner. To do so all our field functionaries and farmers need to be trained up in a regular basis. This is a part of extension education. The basic objective of departmental extension education is the expression of the ends towards which our efforts are directed. An objective means a direction of movement. Before starting any programme, its objectives must be clearly stated so that one knows about the final goal and what is to be achieved. This most important aspect of our department is achieved through different training programme. Training is required to achieve the following objectives.

  1. To disseminate the useful and practical information relating to agriculture, including improved seeds, fertilizers, implements, pesticides, improved cultural practices to the desired stake holders.
  2. To apply useful knowledge to farm and home.
  3. To change the behaviour and attitude of rural people training is an effective tools.
  4. To get feedback from the target groups about the latest scientific technologies transferred to them through different media and to improve all aspects of the life of the rural people with the framework of the national economic and social policies, involving the population as a whole