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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture

Departmental Workshop for production of small Agricultural Implements

Small Agricultural implements and tools used by farmers for day to day job have important and significant role in Agriculture operation. Despite of use of machineries for different purposes run with prime mover, hand used implements and tools remain indispensible for Agriculture operation. Most widely used implements namely Mould Board plough, Paddy weeder, cono weeder, Garden rake, Dry land weeder, Hand Hoe, Khurpi, Row marker are a few to name. Although some of the implements are available in the open market but many of them are not readily available and few are manufactured by local artisan. But increasing cost of raw material have made these implements unaffordable for small and marginal farmers.

The workshop were established decades back to produce small, manually operated farms implements to cater the need of farmers. At present all the workshop are non functional, which need up-gradation of the present infrastructure and electrical service connection for capacity utilization.

List of Departmental Workshops for production of small Agricultural implements

S/NLocationImplementing Office
Executive Engineer (Agriculture), Kamrup
2JorhatExecutive Engineer (Agriculture), Jorhat
3SilcharExecutive Engineer (Agriculture), Silchar
4TezpurExecutive Engineer (Agriculture), Tezpur
5RahaAsstt. Executive Engineer (Agriculture), Raha
6KokrajharExecutive Engineer (Agriculture), Kokrajhar
7Haflong Executive Engineer (Agriculture), Haflong
8DiphuExecutive Engineer (Agriculture), Diphu